1. Copper Busbar, Rods and Tapes

2. Copper Sheets

3. Copper Tubes

4. Copper Wires

5. Copper Anode

6. Special Copper Alloy

7. Enamelled Copper Wire


Copper Busbar , Rods and Tapes

Copper busbar and Rods
Standard : JIS,EN, ASTM,AS/NZ and TIS

Temper : Annealed, 1/4 hard, half hard, hard.

Shape : Full Round(FR), Slightly Round Edge(SE), Square Bar(SQ), Round Bar(RB) and Hexagon

Size Range

FR & SE : Width 9.53 mm.upto 260 mm.Thickness 2.5 mm. up to 100 mm.
SQ : Width 6.35 mm. up to 100 mm.
RB and Hexagon Bar : Dia 6.35 mm. up to 100 mm.
Bare Copper Tapes

Standard : BS 1432, EN 130601

Conductor size: width 10-75 mm. ,thickness 2-5mm.

Standard coil size: ID 300 mm.OD 1,000 mm.

Temper : Annealed



Standard : JIS H 3100

Grade : C 1100 (Tough pitch copper), C 1220 (Phosphorus deoxidized copper)

Application :

■ C1100 applicable to electrical use, distiller, chemical industry,gasket appliance etc.
■ C1220 applicable to baht boiler, kettle, gasket, building, chemical industryl etc.


Copper TUBE

Standard : JIS, ASTM and DIN

Grade : C1220

Temper : soft annealed, light annealed, half hard, hard

Copper wires

The wires made from high purity 99.99%and up copper.

The product's size are made to order.

Copper anodes

Standards:  JIS 3250 ( BS EN 1976)

Grade Alloy: C 1201 (DLP), C 1220 (DHP), C1100 (ETP) and C 1020 (OF)


Shape and size :

■ Nuggets Ø 12mm, Ø 16mm, Ø 20mm, Ø 25mm
■ Sphere or Ball Ø 15mm, Ø 25mm, Ø 31mm, Ø 50mm


special Copper alloy

Shapes : Round Bar, Square Bar, Bus Bar, E-Shape Bus Bar


■ Beryllium Copper [C17200,C17500,C17510]
■ Chromium Zirconium Copper[C18150]
■ Chromium Copper[C18200]

Alloy No Description Chemical composition Plate & Bar Rod
C17200 Be-Cu Be:1.8-2.0 Al:0.2 Si:0.2 Cu: Rem. ≥ 0.1mm ≥ 2mm
C17300 Be-Cu Be:1.8-2.0 Pb:0.2-0.6 Al:0.2 Si:0.2 Cu: Rem. ≥ 0.1mm ≥ 2mm
C17500 Be-Co-Cu Be:0.4-0.7 Co:2.4-2.7 Si:0.2 Fe:0.1 Al:0.2 Cu: Rem. ≥ 0.1mm ≥ 2mm
C17510 Be-Ni-Cu Be:0.2-0.6 Ni:1.4-2.2 Co:0.3 Fe:0.1 Al:0.2 Si:0.2 Cu: Rem. ≥ 2mm ≥ 2mm
C18000 Ni-Cr-Cu Cr:0.1-0.8 Ni:1.8-3.0 Si:0.4-0.8 Fe:0.15 Cu: Rem. ≥ 2mm ≥ 2mm
C18150 Cr-Zr-Cu Cr:0.5-1.5 Zr:0.05-0.25 Cu: Rem. ≥ 2mm ≥ 2mm
C18200 Cr-Cu Cr:0.6-1.2 Fe:0.1 Pb:0.05 Si:0.1 Cu: Rem. ≥ 2mm ≥ 2mm

Enameled Copper Wire
Enameled Copper Wire Class ZERO
Enameled Copper Wire Class ONE
Enameled Copper Wire Class 2, 3